Japanese is spoken not just in Japan, but also in portions of China, Philippines & Pacific Islands. Japanese emigrant communities can be found largely in Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Hawaii, USA and Canada. There is a good requirement for Japanese English translation service in India too.

Although Japanese has resemblance to the Chinese script, it has no phonetic connection to it.

Japanese stands as one of the top 10 business languages of the world today. The country faces a number of natural disasters due to its geographical setting. However, the Japanese have a way of rising up more strongly every time they face a setback. The extension of this positivity and resilience can be seen in the rising numbers of Japanese speakers around the world. As per a report published by Japan Foundation there were around 4 million Japanese speakers in the year 2013.

Realizing the importance of Indian economy many Japanese universities welcome Indian students for scientific research and development. Japan – India Association and other universities teach Japanese in India. The Indian market is keen on achieving consistency with Japan. However, in order to achieve optimum results, not much has been done to teach Japanese on that level, with an exception of few universities. Therefore, the shortfall of jobs v/s candidates still remains.

Japanese – English Translation Services in India can be found in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, etc.

Why is Japanese English translation important for India?

According to The Hindu, Mr. Hidehiro Ishiura, Director General of JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) stated that, the number of Japanese Companies in India rose from 2,542 in 2013 to 3,961 in the 2014. Maharashtra has the most number of Japanese establishments. City of Pune has made the most of this bilateral connection. Japan is a leading country in manufacturing automobile. The region of Pune has ample growth opportunities with respect to this sector, which has been further utilized by JETRO for mutual advantages.

Conclusion being, there is a still a huge scope for partnering with Japanese companies and to do so, it is imperative to have professional translation & interpretation services at your disposal.

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