CMM Languages is offering foreign language internship program in Mumbai for French, Spanish, German and Japanese languages.

The Indian market and its potential is sensed by many multinational companies. Every year there are new international brands & companies entering the Indian market. Also Indian companies too are going international and penetrating new markets across the world. With the growth in globalization, the demand for language translation and localization has rapidly increased in the last 5 years.

One of the booming and highly demanded industry is the language translation industry. Foreign language experts are in great demand and are paid well. Professional language translators enjoy the benefit of working in their comfort zone and serve their clients working continents apart. However, to begin a career in the language translation & localization industry, doing a foreign language internship in Mumbai with CMM Languages will really help.

Foreign language internship in Mumbai?

Learning a foreign language from a reputed university/institute? Apply for a foreign language internship at CMM Languages. We prefer students/professionals who have completed B2.3 or C1 (or equivalent).


Spanish language is one of the top business languages in the world after English. The demand for Spanish language professionals is consistently increasing and quality work is valued in terms of translation and localization. Doing a Spanish language internship with a language translation company will give you the following benefits –

  • Right kind of exposure as a Spanish language professional
  • Experience of working in the language translation industry
  • Dealing with real global clients
  • Guidance from experienced Spanish language translators
  • Potential job in the relevant field under language translation/localization
  • Networking with Spanish language professionals all around the world


French is the second most taught language in the world. It is an official language or one of the official languages for 33 countries and is spoken widely. French language translators have a very important role to play in today’s dynamic, provided they have a good amount of experience and quality translation. Opting for a French language internship with a language translation company will give you the following benefits –

  • Work as a French language translator in a professional environment
  • First hand experience of the language translation industry
  • Indian and international clients to work with
  • ​Closely work with experienced French language translators
  • Experiment with different fields under language translation/localization
  • Close contact with native French language professionals


The demand for German language is now on a par with the demand for Spanish language in the global business scenario. Having studied German in a well reputed institute is not enough unless one has first-hand experience with real global clients. Completing a German language internship with a language translation company has following benefits –

  • Work in the language industry as a German language translator
  • Get an experience with international clients
  • Work with native German language professionals on a daily basis
  • Future job in your specialized field under language translation/localization
  • Receive recommendations from your employer

Foreign language experts with a good understanding of cultures are in great demand in the corporate world. The scope & benefits of learning foreign languages as career is stupendous and candidates willing to explore it have multitude of job opportunities in various multinational companies and multilateral organisations.