French, as a language has been adorned with a variety of titles since more than a century. Before becoming commercially inclined, French was popularly known as the Romance language of the world. French English translation demand in India has increased.

As of 2016, French stands as the 3rd global business language, after English & Mandarin Chinese (Bloomberg). It is 2nd working language of most international organizations & media, including the UN Assembly. Also it is 2nd most learned language in the world. According to Forbes & an Natixis (investment bank), French is projected to be the most spoken language of the world by the year 2050. Number of French speakers will surpass English and Mandarin.

Some important facts –

– 3rd Most useful language for business
– 2nd Most functional language of international organizations
– 2nd Most learned language in the world
– Could be ahead of English and Mandarin by the year 2050

Why we need French English translation services in India?

Speaking of the French dominance on the Indian market, there are around 1050 French companies here. Indo-French Chamber of Commerce & Industry provides a common platform for mutual interaction. French Translators & Interpreters can be easily found in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai.

Apart from the 33 Francophonic countries, French is widely taught in universities and educational institutions around the world. India too isn’t an exception to this fact. It must be noted that there exists a stiff competition between German and French as second language in most school boards of India. The top French language teaching school ‘Alliance Française has over 17 main branches in the Indian subcontinent. There are possibly more French speakers around the world, than in France itself. The reason for this is colonialism.

Over the years, has crossed many borders and unified people. This unification has helped trade, commerce, art, literature, cultural – exchange, etc. Not just that, as per the current statistics, it would be safe to say that the fevour for this language won’t die out anytime soon.