Do you have a translation task in hand? If yes, you are trying to contemplate between human or machine translation?

Doing convenient work may not always have the desired consequences. Certainly not when it comes to the field of translation. Computer Aided Translation, better known as Machine Translation, refers to the usage of software programs and tools. These have been primarily designed to translate verbal as well as non-verbal text from a given source language to the desired target language.

However, to say that Machine translation lacks any kind of viability in today’s time, would project more of a biased viewpoint. Any subject matter that is unofficial, informal, needs to be translated for personal understanding can be done using machine translation. But remember to do it at your own risk. As and when the content increases in complexity it becomes vital to opt for a more organized and reliable method of translation viz. Human translation.

Here are some reasons which help you decide between human or machine translation –

1. Literal translation

The software and tools available, provide word-to-word translation of the content and they do not have the capacity to provide meaningful or contextual translation. The lack of such context could cause miscommunications, to say the least.

2. Grammatically incorrect

Due to the fact that the software has only a limited amount of information embedded in it, there is a high chance of receiving grammatically incorrect translation. Also every language possesses different rules of grammar.

3. Inconsistent translation

It is a rare occurrence for two different softwares to be able to reproduce or replicate the same kind of translation. Therefore, the validity or accuracy of these softwares cannot be guaranteed.

4. Lack of adaptable translation

Content which has undergone machine translation lacks all sorts of cultural appropriateness. Technical, legal, marketing, research based content must not be translated with any software as it can prove to be disastrous due to lack of adaptability of translation.

From the above points, we can conclude that quality translation requires a skilled, domain specific translator. A translator who has the right amount of knowledge, to understand the nuances & terminologies of any given text & translate it effortlessly without getting stuck on trivial matters.

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