Localization of products, marketing collaterals (brochures, websites etc..) & online applications is an important step before you decide to explore new markets. Companies have understood the importance of localization but still many have failed to channelize it in the right direction.

1. You didn’t hire right resources

The software and tools available, provide word-to-word translation of the content and they do not have the capacity to provide meaningful or contextual translation. The lack of such context could cause miscommunications, to say the least.

2. You didn’t make the first impression

The first impression about your product or service is decided by its name, the colour scheme, numbers and overall style including the UI in case of applications. Certain names, colours and numbers are a taboo in few countries or markets. You need to add a lot of efforts by creating a strong image from the start. It is the first impression that helps your potential customers to decide between you and your competitors in that market.

3. You didn’t modify for each market

If you had success in one market, it doesn’t mean that the magic formulae will work in other markets too. You will have to localize your product/service related content, images, colour scheme and overall flow of ideas based on what people in your new market need. McDonalds India menu is a classic example of perfect localization.

4. You didn’t participate in the local community

Make your presence felt in the local market by being a part of the community. Be aware about the current events and happenings in the community and contribute in the best possible manner. Seek out moments of importance where you can connect with the community, your potential customers and ways to give back to the local community.

4. You didn’t embrace technology

Just having your desktop website and brochures localized is not enough. Did you check how your website appears on smart phones or tablets? Why not make a simple localized mobile application for each unique market. Educate your existing and potential customers via regular updates. Localized newsletters with greetings on local festivals are a great way to be in touch.

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