Learning a new language is always a good idea. There are real benefits of learning a foreign language. In simple words, learning a new language makes you smarter and people speaking multiple languages have better memories. Bilingual/multilingual people have increased metalinguistic skills. Metalinguistic skills involve the awareness and control of linguistic components of different languages and cultures.

Research shows that multilingual people enjoy the following benefits –

  1. Multilingual people have higher cognitive intelligence. This is due to increased connections between different brain regions in the process of learning a new language.
  2. Learning a new language protects you against brain disorders. It delays Alzheimer’s by at least 5 years. Speaking several languages helps in faster stroke recovery in patients. Learning a new language also increases your brain size and boosts your brain power.
  3. Brain scans of multilingual people show increased volume of the hippocampus. It is a brain area that is involved in learning and memory retention.
  4. Speaking a new language improves your decision-making skills. It helps you make more rational decisions and makes you more perceptive of your surroundings.
  5. Speaking various languages protects you against aging. It boosts your “cognitive reserve”. Cognitive reserve is the efficient utilization of your brain networks. Being multilingual enhances your brain function during aging.
  6. Learning a new language can help you improve your math skills.
  7. Speaking a foreign language also enhances your creativity. Your brain pays more attention to the words in different languages, which fine-tunes your listening abilities.
  8. Multilingualism helps you interact with people from various cultures, which boosts your self-confidence and allows you to take on new challenges.
  9. Switching between languages increases your brain flexibility, makes you better at task-switching with minimal effort.
  10. A study showed that bilingual children experience less anxiety. They also have an improved perceptual sensitivity. This helps them learn new languages faster in later ages. Also, learning a new language can improve your native language.

Top languages – benefits of learning that foreign language

Until the 20th century, learning new languages was discouraged; it was considered as a hindrance in the child’s intellectual development. After research, we now know the real benefits of learning a foreign language. Hence it is one of the most encouraged activities to boost the brain’s functioning.

Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Japanese are top languages in terms of business. Look for language translation internship opportunities after you learn a language.