Ignored or misinterpreted facts are the myths that the world carries for generations to generations. Every language and culture is associated with numerous myths and facts but the funny part is, we all love to read the facts and still believe the myths!

Here are 4 myths about the French language BUSTED for you —

Myth #1

French is spoken only in France and Quebec.

– REALLY? NOT TRUE! There 29 countries that have French as their official language. In fact, French is spoken in more than 40 countries spread out across 5 continents.

Myth #2

French is tougher than Spanish.

– First things first, learning a new language is not easy. It needs committed time and effort and one needs to get out of his comfort zone. The fact is that Spanish is a phonetic language, which means you say each letter in the word, unlike French and English. But when it comes to comparing the grammar of Spanish and French, French grammar is a lot easier!

Myth #3

French is a dying language.

– NO WAY! There are over 250 million French speakers in the world. The number of French speakers is growing and by 2050, it is estimated that it will reach over 750 million. Not just this but French is the second most widely taught foreign language in all countries around the world after English.

Myth #4

The French people are unfriendly.

– The French love their language and culture and foreigners need to understand and respect that. Some cultural differences may come off as being rude or unfriendly, but reality can be dissimilar. With the French, they’re friendly and welcoming when someone tries talking in French rather than forcing English on them.