A frog in the pond’ mentality is a definite measure of monotony and therefore of stagnation, when it comes to running any business venture. The internet today, is undeniably a global phenomenon and an useful mediator for exchange of ideas, purposes and more importantly, of trade and commerce.

The ubiquitousness of English began with the rise of colonialism; however it is essential to note that :

  • English stands as the 4th most widely spoken language of the world; behind Mandarin Chinese, Hindi and Spanish.
  • 7 out of the top 10 countries which have the most internet users, do not primarily have native English speakersn
  • People from only 55 countries speak English as a second language.

The above statistics convey the need to mould, perhaps become more flexible with your expansion strategies, enabling you to create a brand, which will flourish amidst various challenges and barriers.

A multilingual website can provide the much-needed impetus required for a business to grow and reach-out. Here, you can read about Top Business Languages of the World, which also include, the ones in demand for translation.

Here are some reasons which state why translation of your website is not merely an alternative, but a necessity :-

1. Increase in sales & revenue

Website translation can be considered as a smart risk, which will definitely aid in yielding monetary returns. Primarily because, it is like a clean slate, which can be used to generate the desired outcome, solely via the internet. What’s more? It is a small investment in comparison to the consistent long-term returns.

2. Customer’s tendency to browse websites

With an ever-growing number of alternatives to choose from, customers ideally want to get the best product or service. In this pursuit, it is common to hop from one website to another. The search halts when they come across something that’s relevant and relatable.

3. Increase in website traffic

Translated websites have a larger scope of reaching out to the target audience, as it would be in their native language. Depending on the product or service, and its relevance to the target audience, website traffic in itself can be thought of as an additional source of income, with the help of advertisements and similar such affiliations.

4. New and improved credibility

It goes without saying that not all days are the same, and there will be ups and downs while managing a business. Creating a niche for your brand on an international level, will help to retain its credibility, in the long run.

5. Cost-effective marketing tool

Translation of your website enables in fortifying the virtual presence of your brand. In addition, it will help consumers have a distinct awareness of your product or service. It is only a matter of time, that your brand establishes itself and forms new relationships.

6. Cater to a larger audience

Restricting your website to be only in English could well possibly reduce receptivity from consumers as it will cater to the 25-30% English speaking population. A multilingual website breaks this barrier and unlocks the untapped potential from within countries where English isn’t the main language.

7. Better client servicing

A multilingual website validates the fact that you operate your business with a customer-centered approach. Consumers all over are also able to provide feedback and suggestions for your product, allowing you to modify or make any required changes to provide better service. It is also important to note that client feedback also influences other potential buyers.

8. Search Engine Optimization

Baidu, Yandex, Naver, Seznam are some of the popular and highly competitive search engines, apart from the likes of Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. A multilingual website comes in the picture, as these evidently dominant search engines function in the native languages of their respective countries. Therefore, it becomes all the more vital to translate your website in languages where your target audience lives.

The pace at which technology today is breaking boundaries and progressing onto newer heights, investments like that of localization of websites will only prove to be inevitable in the coming future. Read about – Common Errors during Website Localization – before you go ahead translating your website.

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