Localization is actually a form of language translation. That’s a known fact, but translation is only a part of many other aspects of localization. In Localization, the language, colours, numbers, metaphors, pictures, and slogans on the product packaging, websites and other marketing collaterals have to be adapted and NOT just translated.

We live in a diverse world with different languages and cultures. Using the same marketing strategy for all kinds of markets will not yield in greater results. It is the small yet important things that make the all difference. The purpose of localization is to help the target audience have a better connect with the brand or product.

Localization has its own pros and cons – it will bring you success only if it is strategized in the right direction.

Here is what you need to know about importance of Colours before localizing your product/service content.

– Eastern countries : Prosperity, worn by brides
– India : Fire, fertility, used in wedding ceremonies
– Japan : Life, anger & danger
– Hebrew : Sin, Sacrifice
– Western : Inexpensive and affordable items
– Eastern : Spirituality
– India : Auspicious & sacred colour
– Western : Nature, lucky color
– China : Not good for packaging, exorcism
– Indonesia : Forbidden color
– France : Not good for packaging
– Middle east : Luck, fertility
– North Africa : Drug and corruption
– South America : Death
– Eastern : Death, sadness
– China : Death, purity, misfortune
– Korea : Mortality, innocence
– India : Sorrow, funerals

Communication is the key to successful marketing and colors are one of the important aspects of it. Learning the background of your target market will enable you to localize the right way. It will help you gain the trust of your audience turning them into your loyal customers.

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