Rich in its culture, cuisine, history, fashion and art, Italy is one of the fastest growing nations with profitable industrial sectors. With a highly developed production industry, Italy is among the 7 most industrialised nations in the world! In almost every kind of industry, especially automobile, technology, machinery and fashion & lifestyle, the economy of Italy stands as the 3rd largest national economy in the eurozone and the 8th largest by nominal GDP in the world.

The agriculture industry is a prime factor in the economy of Italy; it is one of the seven leading exporters of agricultural products in the world. The prime products that make Italy a dominant exporter are wine, olive oil, milk, wheat, fruits, and vegetables. Besides the mentioned industries, major fashion brands in the world come from Italy. Brands like Valentino, Versace, Prada, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Marni, Iceberg, Missoni, Trussardi, Moschino, Dirk Bikkembergs, Etro, and Zegna are currently headquartered in Italy.

“The forecasted apparel market value in Italy in the year 2020 will be USD 42,071 million.”

A few of the many top fashion Italian brands that rule the world!

“The stats suggest, the total contribution as a share of GDP of the tourism industry in Italy was 13% in 2017 and will rise to 14.3% by 2028”

The government of Italy encourages foreign investors to put their money in the booming business of their country. They grant them the same incentives that are enjoyed by the locals such as subsidised loans, cash grants and tax credit. If you’re planning to invest in Italy or build any business relationship there, it will be beneficial for your business in terms of growth and finance. To crack a favourable deal, localize your business card, official website, marketing collaterals and legal documents in Italian with us.


  1. In Italian business culture, building close relationships are very important. Taking a native interpreter for the business meeting is always suggested as it will eliminate the language barriers.
  2. Exchanging business card while greeting is common. Translating your business card in Italian will prove to be impressive.
  3. Aesthetics play a significant role in Italy in general and also for business meetings. Your dress code must be on point as appearance carries more weight for the Italians than what is inside.
  4. They respect power and age. Italian society carries a strong belief in status and hierarchy in all aspects.
  5. Hospitality plays a key role in Italian business culture, and business meetings usually happen during a long lunch or dinner. Refusing an invitation by the Italians will probably offend them.
  6. During business meetings, your Italian partners/ colleagues may interrupt you while speaking or start talking simultaneously – Take it easy as this is a common communication trait in the Italians.
  7. Italians out of all the Europeans are known for using most body language during business meetings. Maintaining eye contact to show your interest is a salient factor of body language for the Italians.
  8. Planning meetings in August, Catholic festivals and on national holidays is NOT preferred.
  9. Italians are both courteous and curious in nature. They are tolerant and do not expect foreigners to know their business culture, but they greatly dislike rudeness and arrogance.
  10. Putting pressure for making a quick decision for business meetings is not always doable with the Italians. They, sometimes, take a lot of time in decision making and signing deals.

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