The pharmaceuticals industry is a multinational business linking with different industries. An accurate communication is the key to develop and maintain a successful partnership with your foreign clients. Pharmaceutical audits play a major role in obtaining information on latest developments, markets and research. In order to have the pharmaceutical audit run smooth and successful, it is essential to have a professional interpreter to break down barriers between the auditors, client and the working personnel.

Hiring professional interpreters for pharmaceutical audits can sometimes be tough. Interviewing a few before hiring will cost you time but it will yield good results as well. While interviewing the interpreters personally or on a call, following are some go to criteria you must know –

    The interpreter must have a background knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry.
    A professional medical interpreter will make a good choice.
    If not a medical interpreter, he/she must still be well versed with the industry-specific terminology.
    More often than not, there are PPT presentations or other resources used to support the meeting agenda. The   interpreters must be provided with PPTs or any relevant reading material in advance to help get background  knowledge of what will be taking place.
    Always consider hiring an experienced interpreter.
    He/she must have an extensive knowledge of the language & culture of your client.

With over 10 years of experience in providing pharmaceutical translation and interpretation services, we have established a wide network of professional medical and native interpreters all around the world. With such a network, we are able to selectively source highly skilled interpreters that have relevant experience in the pharmaceutical field.

We provide pharmaceutical interpreters for the following sectors –

Pharmaceutical Audits & Assessments

GMP Audit Reports

Clinical Trials

Epidemiological Studies

Marketing Strategies and Processes

Participant Consent Issues

Efficacy and Safety Evaluation


Conferences and Symposiums

Hire the best professional Spanish/French/Russian /Chinese interpreters for Pharmaceutical audits under the name of an authorized interpretation service provider – CMM Languages. To get a quote from us you may write to us at Learn more about our Pharma and Healthcare Translation Services.