1. Translation of manuals and marketing documents from Chinese to English.

Client – World’s Most Renowned and Largest FMCG Company

Challenges – The assignment spanned over the course of 12 months wherein the client needed translation of user manuals for water and air purifiers (basic to advanced purifiers), marketing collaterals like posters and brochures, packaging and product inserts, market research interview questionnaires.

Outcome – Due to the timeframe of this project, a level of consistency had to be maintained throughout the different documents. For this purpose, an extensive glossary (with terms and other technical words) was created to help both translators and proofreaders. The translation was then incorporated into Adobe Illustrator format. Communication between teams, resource management, maintaining uniformity, DTP support and adhering to strict deadlines were some of the challenges which were met successfully. A slight delay in delivery would mean delaying the process of launching a product.

2. Translation of 20,000 bank names from English to Chinese.

End client – One amongst World’s Top 5 Money Transfer Companies

Challenges – To setup the backend database, our client, a digital marketing agency needed 20000 bank branch names to be translated in Chinese to further assist a company that deals with international money transfer. These names ranged from commonly known Chinese provinces to the lesser known, more local and interior places of the country.

Outcome – Files for each of the 10 translators needed to be manually made as every bank name had a specific region code and sub-branch name attached to it. Based on this information and pattern, a glossary (with standard and non-standard abbreviations, terminologies) was prepared to help the translator understand the content better. As the proofreading aspect was to be looked after by the client, our team of editors developed a way to communicate possible errors present in the source text. This was done to assist the client in prioritizing sections while proofreading the document. The entire assignment was managed within a span of 2 weeks.

3. 40,000+ words translated from Italian to English and vice-versa.

Client – One of India’s Top 3 Popular Travel Companies

Challenges – The client, a globally renowned and one of India’s Top 3 travel companies required translation of tender documents from Italian to English, followed by their business proposal to be translated from English to Italian. The volume of tender was 30+ pages, whereas the business proposal consisted of 200+ pages.

Outcome – It was an assignment wherein a total of 15 translators and proofreaders were employed to meet the stringent deadlines. Despite the urgency, there was no room for any compromise on quality, uniformity in phrasing and writing style, understanding legal terminologies, etc. for documents belonging to both language pairs. Adding to the difficulty of this assignment were multiple infographics which also needed translation & DTP support. The 30+ pages tender document was translated and proofread in 2 days whereas the business proposal having 200+ pages was delivered back to the client in 1 week.

4. Translation of 200+ AutoCAD drawings at regular intervals.

Client – A Global Leader in Automation and Power Technology

Challenges – The AutoCAD drawings of technical nature, belonging to electronics domain, concerned specifically with parts of large machinery. These drawings were translated from Italian to English.

Outcome – This task was completed by translators who were also subject matter experts. This is because, more time for translation would mean less time for planning and further implementation related to usage of the machinery. Upon proofreading, the translation was incorporated in AutoCAD drawings and further underwent a quality check process. The files were delivered on rolling basis to effectively manage resources and client expectations.

5. Translation of 1000+ certificates from 15 foreign languages to English.

Client – One of India’s Top Agrochemicals Company

Challenges – 1000+ certificates from each of the required 15 European and Asian languages were to be translated to English for the purpose of an audit. These were Certificates of Registration for different chemicals.

Outcome – This assignment was taken care of within a short span of 45 days with the able assistance of over 45 linguists who worked on translation, proofreading and thorough quality check of agro-chemical terms, identification of local and official names, etc. Since the initial documents were non-editable, the production team worked on preparing workable files for translators and got all the certificates delivered into the format as required by the client.

6. Transliteration of 3000 names of doctors in 9 Indian languages.

Client – Reputed Digital Marketing Company based in Mumbai

Challenges – Each name from the entire lot of 3000 names was to be transliterated in 9 languages as part of a corporate gifting initiative aimed at appreciating the contribution of these doctors.

Outcome – The challenge was to select translators who’d correctly transliterate and proofread especially those names that they weren’t familiar with. Since the client needed every transliterated name in a separate file, the production team rose to the task of preparing a total of 3000 different documents. The coordination between 18 translators, production team and the client with respect to instructions, deadlines and other concerns was managed in a prompt and effective way within a span of 3 weeks.

7. Technical translation of 450+ drawings & documents from Portuguese to English.

Client – One of India’s Most Successful Bio-fuels Company

Challenges – This batch of documents from the client consisted of 300+ AutoCAD drawings and 190+ technical documents. They contained various mechanical, electrical and structural guideline documents to be used for setting up a bio-fuel plant.

Challenges – Translators who worked on this assignment had to be familiar with specific terminologies related to petrochemical, bio-fuel and fossil fuel domain. The translated documents from Portuguese to English were to be delivered in a bilingual format. This required the production team to carefully work on placing the translation and source text within the allotted space. Another variation in this assignment was the size of these drawings, which ranged from A0 to A3. The project was completed in a span of 3 weeks.