In a typical translation project lifecycle, DTP process is always the last one, but indeed is the most crucial. Quality translation along with good DTP work makes for an ideal combination. Indeed a typical case for translation projects Translation projects of such nature are usually related to marketing communications, advertising or product packaging.

Could you imagine the repurcussions of a medicine insert (patient information leaflet) or a financial report, where a comma or a decimal point was added in the wrong position? It just implies that DTP is a very important and crucial process, which calls for an experienced team to manage it.

CMM Languages provides Multilingual DTP in over any language, including European, Asian as well as bidirectional languages, like Hebrew or Arabic.

Multilingual DTP Services at CMM Languages -
  • Preparing files for translation (Providing editable source text ready for translation)
  • PDF to MS Word or RTF
  • Formatting & page layout
  • Post-DTP QA checks (content check)
  • PostScript and PDF files for online and print publication
  • Software Graphical User Interface DTP
  • Software Graphical User Interface DTP
  • Web DTP in XML, HTML, FLASH, XLIFF and other formats

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