Adaptability’ can well be termed as the key-word, when it comes to e-Learning Localization. Whether it be to keep up with the fast-paced nature of today’s time, or to meet the demands in different fields; e-Learning has proved to be a valuable medium of sharing information..

The vitality of e-Learning Localization can be majorly seen from its emerging importance in education & business. Institutions & companies are heavily reliant on e-Learning localization for enabling its students or members to acquire the same skill set, knowledge and training, as those in the home country. Localization therefore, is responsible for generating the same kind of output, like the conventional methods, if not better & is expected to maintain cultural appropriateness of the target country..

We translate the following for e-learning industry -
  • e-Learning School & Education Modules
  • e-Learning Employee Training Material
  • Convert old presentations to Animated Training Material
  • Company Guidelines & Policy Manuals
  • Voiceover & itext for Training Modules

The reason e-Learning Localization has become a popular modern day phenomenon & a go-to alternative for institutions and organizations, is due to the various benefits it offers. Some of which are listed below –

  • Cost effective & quicker alternative
  • Caters to a larger audience simultaneously
  • Learner centered
  • Highly flexible
Below is our process for translation -

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