Delivery FAQs

Soft Copy of translated documents will be sent via email and hardcopies will be sent via courier. Translated documents can also be hand-picked from our office. (Currently, only from our Mumbai office)

Turn around time for translations will depend upon several factors like number of pages, number of words, images, tables etc etc. Documents upto 2 pages could be easily delivered within 24 hours from the time of confirmation.

Yes, We do provide Express Courier service at an additional cost. However, all our offers include delivery of hardcopies via Regular courier service, which deliver the documents between 2 to 4 days, depending upon the location.

Process FAQs

At CMM Languages, an assignment goes through the following stages –

i) Translation – On confirmation of assignment by a client, the documents are allotted to translators who possess considerable years of experience and have domain specific knowledge of the given content. (At CMM Languages all translators are native speakers)

ii) Review – Our team of in-house editors carefully review the translated content to make sure it is error-free & that the quality of translation is upto the mark.

iii) Formatting – Post review, the document is put together in the original format & is made ready for delivery to the client.

You can share documents with us via email, courier or send us an ftp link. Alternatively, you may also use cloud-based file transfer service like wetransfer(dot)com to send small to large files. However, email is the fastest way to share your documents. (Please be rest assured that your documents are in safe hands at all stages of work)

The formats we translate include:

MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, AutoCad, CorelDraw, HTML, InDesign, PDF, XLIFF (.xliff, .xml),, .ott, .ods, .ots, odg, .otg, odp, .otp)
Supported Image File Formats :- jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp, eps, tiff.

When you send us a translation request, its best that you also send the document that needs translation. This will enable us to take the exact word count as well as the estimated delivery time. In case you don’t have the documents, then we could still provide you a tentative quote, however, the final quote would be provided once we receive the entire content which needs translation.

No, we don’t provide urgent translation services. Each translated document needs formatting and QA checks, before it’s delivered to the client. So, it’s best that you give us sufficient time to translate the documents. Moreover, we provide 100% human translation and our formatting team would love to give back the documents in same format as per original.

CMM Languages does not review documents translated using machine translation, as in most cases, it means a total redo of translation activity. However, if the document is translated by a native translator, then we do provide review services.

Yes, we do provide Notarization services for translated documents, provided the documents have been translated by CMM Languages. There is an additional charge for Notarization.

If you have to submit the translated documents at an embassy, government office or for any official reason, then do ask our team for a “Certificate of Translation”. This certificate of translation will act as a proof of authentic & quality translation. Translations done by CMM Languages are accepted at all major consulates and embassies across India.

No, we do not provide Apostille service. However, we do undertake Apostille translation.

No, we do not provide translation on Stamp Paper. The translation is printed on a plain paper carrying signature of the concerned authority, the Company seal & a Unique Assignment ID. The translated document is supported by a Certificate issued from the Company, which is accepted for any legal work, application for Bank loans or to Universities abroad, Embassy related work & for Visa assistance.

Confidentiality FAQs

At CMM Languages, we do understand the importance of your documents and assure you that they are in safe hands. Yes, we do sign NDA with companies before they share the documents with us. Our target is to achieve ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) certification by mid 2016.

At CMM Languages, we retain the translated documents for 6 months and then discard them. For jobs which are not confirmed we discard the documents within 1 week.

General FAQs

Translation refers to conversion of text from one language to another. In other words, it revolves around conversion of the source language into target language. Localization, on the other hand, refers to transforming a product (website, application, software program, etc.) in a way that it adapts to the culture, traditions and other such nuances of the target language and its country.

CMM Languages provides translation services for the following –

Industry Specific E-Learning, Electronics, FMCG, Finance & Accounting, Healthcare, IT & ITES, Manufacturing, Market Research, Pharmaceuticals, Shipping, Travel & Tourism.

Document Types Certificates, Brochures, Contracts, Engineering Drawings, Financial Statements, Medicine Inserts & labels, Mergers & Acquisitions, Patents, PPT & Corporate presentations, Technical documents, Machine user manuals.

Localization Activity SAP Modules, Flash Games, Mobile applications, Websites, Marketing Material.

CMM Languages specializes in domains like Pharma & Healthcare, Engineering, Market Research, Software & Games localization and general Business-Legal documents.

Pricing & Payment FAQs

At CMM Languages, the cost for translation is always calculated on the basis of per source word. For example, if you have a document which needs translation from German to English, then the billing would be done on per German word. For some assignments, in which per source word calculation is not possible or even when the assignment has a lot of similar pages, we quote on the basis of per page.

Asian Languages like Chinese, Japanese and Korean are billed on per source language character, if the translation is from Chinese to English OR Japanese to English OR Korean to English. However, if the translation activity is for English to Korean OR English to Japanese OR English to Chinese, then the billing is done on per English word.

CMM Languages translates into 40 world business languages, which includes about 12 Indian languages and 28 foreign languages. The rate depends and varies as per the language and domain. The more common a language and simpler the document, then the cost is low ; while the cost will increase for a more technical or a domain specific document.

We provide quotes for translation on either per word or per page basis. Calculations are for all words or all pages that need translation. If a document has several common sections with exactly the same content, then we might consider that while providing a quote.

At CMM Languages, our minimum Invoice value is for Rs. 350.00 plus Service Tax.

Indian customers can pay us via Credit/Debit Card, Cheque, Cash or NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer) commonly known as Bank Transfer. International customers can make payment via PayPal or Wire Transfer. Every Invoice sent by CMM Languages includes all the necessary bank details.

Quality Assurance FAQs

CMM Languages has empanelled domain specific, native and experienced translators for the 65+ languages it caters to. There is indeed a rigorous testing phase for translators to pass through, before they start working with CMM Languages.

CMM Languages is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Translation Company. As a process, every translation activity is done by a native translator. For example, if your brochure needs translation from English to French, then, a native French translator would translate it. Only native translators can think in the language into which your document needs to be translated.

We, at CMM Languages, do not use nor encourage google translate / machine translation. Google translate maybe be a fair tool to judge the meaning of a word or a sentence, but it is not necessary that the translation propagated by machine has the right words that are aligned or go with the flow of the entire document. We at CMM Languages provide 100% human translation services whereby each translation is done by a native speaker.

At CMM Languages, we use MemoQ and Across. These tools have been selected as per our client’s requirement. If you have a different requirement, then you may specify so, in your request, as our Formatting and Engineering team is capable enough to adapt to a new CAT tool environment.

Back translation is merely another way to check if the document is free of errors. It is also a method that isn’t used widely today.Our cost is inclusive of – translation, reviewing (proof reading), formatting & certification. The proof reading process will ensure that there is no room for error or for that matter, any acontextual translation.