A lot goes on between having an idea & eventually launching it as a product or service, in the market. Depending on the target audience, sometimes products may need certain modifications, in order to truly bring out its utility to the potential customers. Market research translation services, of course being an essential part in the process, comes into play when there are varied target audiences.

Although market research enables companies or entrepreneurs to get a good headstart in understanding the potential market, it all comes down to translation of the collected data, which will prove to be a decisive factor, in drawing important conclusions as well as paving further steps of any given project.

Translation for Qualitative & Quantitative Research activity provides the organizations with key facts and information, thereby making them aware of how resourceful & adaptable their potential market is. A versatile approach towards research guarantees more reliable data to work with.

We translate the following -
  • Online & Offline Questionnaires & Survey Forms
  • Translation of Verbatims (Open End Questions)
  • Demographic & Statistics Reports
  • Case Studies
  • Research Papers & Reports
  • Transcription of Research Interviews
  • Translation of Directories & Databases
Below is CMM Languages' process of translation -
In addition to the above, we also provide translation service for marketing related content, which includes the following -
  • Leaflets
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Email Ad Campaigns
  • PowerPoint Presentations

We provide Market Research translation services across the globe and to all types of businesses. Our team of skilled translators have appreciable experience in translating market research documents. We ensure high quality translation services resulting in maximum success rate for your business.

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