1. Translation of manuals and marketing documents from Chinese to English.

Challenges – The assignment spanned over the course of 12 months wherein the client needed translation of user manuals for water and air purifiers (basic to advanced purifiers), marketing collaterals like posters and brochures, packaging and product inserts, market research interview questionnaires.

Outcome – Due to the timeframe of this project, a level of consistency had to be maintained throughout the different documents. For this purpose, an extensive glossary (with terms and other technical words) was created to help both translators and proofreaders. The translation was then incorporated into Adobe Illustrator format. Communication between teams, resource management, maintaining uniformity, DTP support and adhering to strict deadlines were some of the challenges which were met successfully. A slight delay in delivery would mean delaying the process of launching a product.

Project Info

  • Category: FMCG
  • Client: FMCG Company
  • Location: U
  • Completed Date: 2018
  • Project Value: 50k
  • Mananer: Skermset
  • Designer: Istiak