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Conventionally speaking, the field of languages wasn’t one considered to be attention-worthy. Only those with an inclination towards foreign cultures, travel enthusiasts, or those intending to work abroad, were some who saw its potential. Owing to lack of knowledge, pursuing a language was thought to lack¬†substantiability. The advent of Globalization & Industrialization provided a much-needed impetus to the field of translation. The world today has become a global village & language is that chord which connects people living oceans apart.

Translation, as a practice began as early as the 1st Century, however, the traditional methods lacked credibility & efficiency. The recent past is a good witness to how people resorted to relying upon the local typist, lawyers or sought assistance from embassies to fulfill their translation requirements. These mediums weren’t always able to provide end-to-end services or even for that matter, offer professional translation services. Adequate knowledge of cultural expressions, domain expertise & context is highly essential, when it comes to justifiably completing a translation assignment.

CMM Languages is a Mumbai-based, ISO Certified company, established in the year 2008, which provides translation services in around 65+ world languages including all the major European, Afro-Asian & Indian languages. Our team of language experts will provide you quality & cost-effective service for your requirements.

CMM Languages.com, under the parent company CMM Languages & Web Services, is your complete solution for all language translation, localization & interpretation requirements. Here, we enable to you take that big leap of expanding your business into foreign markets, by sharing what you have to offer, to the world, in their local language.

  • Diverse: Around 65+ languages and 20+ file formats supported
  • Quality: Qualified native translators for a diverse number of domains. Quality assurance processes for top-notch translation.
  • Reliable: Translation accepted at all major embassies, consulates, banks, courts & educational institutions.
  • Economical: Transparent methods for calculating cost as per the assignment.
  • Quick: Delivery within 24-36 hours for small requirements. 1200-1500 words manageable per day for big assignments.
  • Secure: Confidentiality guaranteed with a safe process for data discarding, transfer & storage.

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Primarily specializing in translation, localization & interpretation, CMM Languages & Web Services is a Mumbai-based ISO Certified company, founded in 2008.


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