definite correlation can be established between localization & the download statistics as well as the generated revenue of any given application or software. Just like translation equips the content to become reliably understood in a foreign market, localization provides a much-needed appealing quality, which helps increase the surface-value of any product or application, by making it more relatable.

Data suggests that 25% of the global app revenue was generated just by 10 mobile games. Angry Bird, QuizUp, Candy Crush Saga are no strangers to the fact, that localization of apps can boost its popularity, thereby creating a global audience for a single product. Localization entails taking into consideration several factors like punctuation, branding elements, adapting to local & contextual vocabulary, etc; which is why crowdsourcing may not be the ideal method while venturing into a new market.

With native domain specific translators, client-friendly processes & thorough on-device review ; it is our assurance, to localize your content so as to make it culturally, functionally & linguistically impeccable.

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