If a popular gadget manufacturing company wants to expand their business to other countries, their aim would be to appeal to the new audience and create an impact in a way that is true to their brand promise and concept. Similarly, any product or service which desires to make itself known across borders must take into consideration several factors before being launched into a different geographical market. The onus of bridging barriers of culture, norms and ideas lies with language.

Translation is the conversion of text from one language to another keeping in mind the original context, respective grammar rules, choice of words, sentence formation, etc. It is done for documents related to business – legal, technical, medical domains. However, if the intent is to create a brand name in a new market or fortify it in an existing one, it requires more than the usual document translation. When the content is creatively adapted and localized into another language, it is known as transcreation.

Below are some examples wherein transcreation is required:
  • Advertisements, jingles
  • Taglines, Slogans
  • Brochures
  • Movies, TV Serials
In order to transcreate well, below are certain points to be mindful about:
  • Select native, domain-specific linguists who possess a considerable experience not just in translation but also in copywriting.
  • The linguist would then ensure proper research has gone into the target audience’s values and belief system, culture and traditions, significance of colours and numbers, other such specific details.
  • If the above two steps have been carefully taken into consideration and followed, it will result in transcreation that is compelling and also evokes the same sentiments as with the original content.

When it comes to transcreation, not just words but the brand name is at stake. This is why the aim shouldn’t be just to avoid bad translation, but to protect the brand idea and concept with the able assistance of right localization specialists.

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