The process of converting verbal or spoken subject matter into an electronic or textual format is known as transcription. Both individuals and companies or organizations require this service for a number of purposes including business, medical, and legal or for personal use. The original content can be in the form of an audio or a video.

Transcription of any content isn’t a simple task as it involves listening to the audio or video several times and editing the draft until perfectly transcribed as per human capability and professional linguistic standards. Usually it takes an hour to transcribe 15 minutes of simple spoken matter.

Difficulties in transcribing any file emerge when there are more than two people conversing, if the source content is unclear or the quality of the original file isn’t up to the mark. This is precisely when a transcriber’s potential is tested.


A well transcribed content will have achieved the following criteria:
  • Accuracy in converting the speech to text
  • Grammatically sound text with correct usage of punctuation, tense, choice of synonyms, etc.
  • Little or no missing content left to be transcribed (unless there’s an absolutely inaudible or unclear audio file)

At times, the individual or company requires the original spoken material to be translated into another language. It is imperative that the translator who works on such requirements must be fluent in both languages. This is because only those translators who possess native level proficiency in both languages, would be able to best translate audios that are of simple or complex nature.

CMM Languages offers certified professional transcription services for Indian and foreign languages that are suited to meet the needs of both individual clients and companies. Contact us if you have a transcription requirement and would like to get a quote with delivery timeline.


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