“A multilingual website is your personal power tool to reach out to global customers. You really wont realize how easy it was for your customer to know about your business, as all they had to do was just select the right language option on your website. So do you have already a multilingual website?”

Should I translate my website? What are the benefits of website translation?
  • Acquire new customers: Only 26.8% people in the world speak English. What about your potential customer?
  • Increase your revenue: Receive more inquiries seeking your services. 79% people who land on your website wont fill the inquiry form, if you aren't a local supplier. However, 87% people would go ahead and fill the form, if it was in their own language.
  • Lower marketing cost: Website translation is a one-time business investment with lifetime returns. It's a permanent tool which merely needs minor edits from time to time. Save up on brochure printing cost, hire less Marketing Executives, invest less in Trade Fairs.
  • Increase your online visibility: With a Multilingual Website, you will have hits from across the globe. By just translating your website into Spanish, you cover the entire Latin America & Spain, which means an addtional 8% of the world population becoming aware your products and services.
  • Build credibility: Your customer will really appreciate & value that you provide information in their native language. A multilingual website is your opportunity to showcase that you "value & respect every customer"

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