Why CMM Languages?
Tailormade for You

Why CMM Languages?

CMM Languages
Other Agency
Languages Offered 65+ Varies 1 or 2
Domain Specific
Native Translators
No set process to choose translators Minimalistic domain expertise
Sample Translation Provided* Depends Not always
100% Human Translation Possibility of machine translation Depends on experience of the translator
Assignment Volume 1200 to 1500 words per day / per language Inconsistency in translation - No set process No capacity to manage large volumes
Supported File Formats 15+ MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, AutoCad, CorelDraw, HTML, InDesign, PDF, XLIFF (.xliff, .xml), OpenOffice.org (.odt, .ott, .ods, .ots, odg, .otg, odp, .otp), jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp, eps, tiff. Basic File Formats MS Word / MS Excel / PDF
Certification Proof of Translation (Certificate) provided on request Credentials not verified by Govt. & Non Govt. Organizations
Widely accepted for Visa Assistance, Bank loans, Legal Work, Overseas University Application
Notary Notarization available on request
Quality Check
Proof-reading Part of the service ,
Handled by separate In-house Teams ,
Document returned in Original Format
No In-house support, therefore, extra charges maybe applicables Not at par OR Additional charges applicable
Formatting / Editing
Commercials & Payment Method
Payment Method 1. Direct Bank Transfer
2. Cash on Delivery
3. Wire Transfer & PayPal (International Clients)
Paypal OR Bank Transfer Bank Transfer
Costing Transparent method of quoting inclusive of document statistics Do not follow a standard process Differs from individual to individual
Standard rates on per domain / per language combination
Confidentiality Common practice to sign an NDA No secure process No secure process
Data discarded within 90 days OR as per instructions from the client
Safe file transfer methods between multiple teams
* Sample translation of 100 to 125 words is provided upon request