• Do you want to take your passion for languages to the next level?
  • Does a career in the translation industry peak your interest?
  • How aware are you about the scope of this field?
  • Are you ready to take the leap or do you find yourself lagging behind in some areas?

No doubt, getting a degree in the subject of your choice would not only build you up in numerous ways, but also polish your skills and create ample scope for you to provide expertise in the chosen field, and eventually make a career out of it. Having said that, there still would be a certain amount of disparity between book knowledge and how things really function in the real world.

The field of languages brings along with it, a diverse range of challenges, more so because, you can never really master a language fully, at any given point in time; so that’s one area where you must keep learning and improving, to be better each day. Apart from this inevitable, perhaps inescapable outcome; due to the fast pace at which this industry is growing, you’d be expected to contribute like a skilled professional from the time you graduate. The seemingly smaller, less complex things will play an important role in the way you stand out from the crowd. So, what’s the next step?


Ignite Translation Programme is a one of a kind course aiming to assist freelancers or freshers to kick-start their careers in the translation industry. The programme will guide you into creating a sort of brand name for yourself in the market; equip you with highly essential, pragmatic knowledge and skills, and other nitty-gritty aspects of how this industry functions.

Knowing languages is all about breaking barriers, and while you absorb the linguistic aspect of it, this course will help you bridge the few important gaps before you can earn a living in a sustainable and profitable manner. At the end of the day, it’s not just about learning a language, but about striking that balance, which would guarantee a smooth-sailing, consistently growing career.



With over 10 years of experience in the language (translation & localization) industry, he has a passion for learning and a pursuit to lead effectively by creating a nurturing environment to influence growth and development of those around him. He heads the operations at CMM Languages which comprises of 7 departments and has acquired a certification (Train the Trainer) offered by Dale Carnegie Training (India).


An English enthusiast with a joyful demeanor, she truly loves every aspect of the language. Having been associated with CMM Languages for 3+ years as a Reviewer, she has overseen implementation of CAT Tools like MemoQ, conducts in-house training for fellow reviewers.


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This module will cover neat little tricks and shortcuts to ease your work in MS Office (MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint) and will cover essential tools such as OCR software. It will deal with how you can streamline your assignment process and cover file storage options.


Within this module, we will cover the typical translation assignment process. We will deal with the common problems and challenges in research on-the-go, building domain specialization, dealing with the taboo of Machine Translation, the basic expectation of Translation companies and introduce CAT Tools.


Most translators prefer to freelance, which is perceived to be the most flexible and lucrative option. The topics we cover in this module are essential information, irrespective of whether you are a freelancer or a company dedicated translator. This module will cover taxes, invoicing, communication etiquette, networking and optimizing social media use, among other topics.