Process FAQs

At CMM Languages, a transcription assignment goes through the following stages:

Transcription On confirmation of an assignment, the audio/video files are allocated to native translators with considerable experience and expertise in the related field.

Proofreading In this stage, the document is reviewed by another translator who helps in eliminating any scope for missing sentences, errors in grammar and punctuation, also checks for contextual correctness and timestamp details.

Quality check Here, our in-house team of editors look for consistency in writing style and sentence formation. They also do a final check for spelling and other grammatical errors.

Formatting The document is made ready for delivery by checking the tables, alignment, numbering or spacing issues.

Certification Once the document is ready, a certificate is prepared with relevant details on the company letterhead, which is then signed and stamped by the signing authority.

Delivery Softcopy of transcribed document along with the certificate is shared with the client and upon confirmation from their end, hard copy of the same is dispatched to the given address.

The file formats we support include: MP3, MP4, WMV, M4A, MOV, AVI, AMR, OGG, WMA, and WAV. We also work with any online audio / video links that can be accessed publicly.

Speakers are represented in the text document as ‘M’ for ‘Male’ and/or ‘F’ for ‘Female’. In cases of multiple speakers, they’re mentioned as M1, M2, F1, F2.

The audios / videos are transcribed by native translators / transcribers who have considerable experience and expertise in the related field.

General FAQs

Translation refers to conversion of text from one language to another. In other words, it revolves around conversion of the source language into target language. Transcription is the process of converting verbal or spoken subject matter into an electronic or textual format.

We are equipped to transcribe content such as lectures, interviews, presentations, seminars, discussions, telephonic conversations, conferences, trainings, advertisements. We do not undertake transcription requirements pertaining to the medical field.

Yes, we do provide certification for the transcription that is done by us.

We provide transcription from and to English. Besides this, we work with all common Indian and foreign languages.

Pricing & Payment FAQs

The pricing is done on per minute basis and the charges may vary depending on the audio quality, total duration and number of speakers involved.

Yes, but the difference is marginal. Eventually, the costing depends on quality of the audio and the amount of cross talk that takes place.

You can make the payment by Credit/Debit Card, NEFT (Net Banking) or by cash deposit at the nearest ICICI Bank.

If you are an individual client, you need to make the payment before the transcription process begins. In case the amount to be paid is on the higher end, payment can be made in installments as discussed and finalized with the Project Manager.


You will receive the transcribed document in MS Word / PDF format.

The final document will be in a tabular format with timestamp, details of speakers and the transcribed content.

Usually, if the source content is simple (with 1 or 2 speakers), it takes 1 hour to transcribe 15 minutes of audio. Upon transcription, the file is sent for proofreading and formatting. If there are several audios to be transcribed, the delivery can be made on rolling basis.