Process FAQs

For requirements spanning a day or two, we’ll need an intimation of atleast 2 days. Shorter assignments ranging from 10 to 15 days, CMM Languages will have to be notified before 4-5 days & for longer assignments or projects, the client should ideally communicate their request 2 weeks prior to the commencement of work.

Interpreters at CMM Languages work from 8.00 A.M. to 7.00 P.M. Male interpreters will be available for dinner meets.

Most of our interpreters are on assignments or might not be working due to between 2 assignment break day. If possible, we will surely try to send the interpreter for an orientation meet, else we can arrange for a conference call and you could provide the necessary details to our interpreter.

Yes, the interpreter could travel with you within India or overseas. Necessary travel & accommodation arrangements have to be borne by the client.

For any outstation assignment, prior travel and accommodation arrangements have to be made by the client. CMM Languages can also arrange for travel tickets of the interpreter, which will charged at actuals in the final Invoice.


For local assignments, travel expenses will be claimed at actuals or as fixed charges, based on location and duration of the assignment.

Pricing FAQs

i) Full Day (8 hours)
ii) Half Day (4 hours)
Note :- Overtime charges are applicable on per hour basis, for extra work hours.

Yes, we do have special rates for 15 and 30 days assignments. Our Interpretation Coordinator will provide all such infomation in the quote

Yes, rates for half day (4 hours) and full day (8 hours) assignments are different. We do not provide interpreters on hourly basis.

CMM Languages provides interpreters for half day (4 hours) and full day (8 hours). All extra working hours, would be counted as Overtime. This is calculated on per hour basis. Our interpreters will maintain an OT sheet, which needs to be signed by the client, at the end of the day. This OT sheet will keep a record of all extra hours of work by the interpreter.

General FAQs

Translators are language professionals, who specialize in translation of documents from one language to another. Whereas, interpreters are language professionals, who specialize in interpretation of spoken words or oral communication.


Click on the link to see our video on “Why translators are not interpreters and why interpreters are not translators?”

At CMM Languages, we have interpreters in India for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish & Turkish languages.

CMM Languages can assist you with professional interpretation for diverse settings, namely :

(i) Simultaneous Interpretation
(ii) Consecutive Interpretation
(iii) Telephonic Interpretation

During Consecutive Interpretation, the speaker pauses after making a statement, allowing the interpreter to communicate message of the source language. This kind of interpretation is used for small business meetings, appointments, etc. In case of Simultaneous Interpretation, which is of a comparatively more complex nature, the interpreter’s job is to swiftly & simultaneously communicate what the speaker says, without any unnecessary delay. Evidently, such kind of interpretation isn’t commonly used & is opted for discussions or conferences of major importance. It also involves the utilization of special equipments like headsets & microphones, separate booths, etc.

CMM Languages has been providing translation & interpretation services throughout the country since 2008.

Interpreters are not translators. They are meant to interpret conversations from one language to another. Our interpreters are not trained translators and normally cannot handle the written text with the same proficiency as verbal communication.

Types of Interpretation FAQs

Yes, we do provide Interpreters for Machine Installation. Please let us know in advance some details about the machinery being installed, so that the interpreter is ready with the relevant vocabulary of the machine and the concerned domain.

Yes, we do provide Interpreters for Trade Fair. Please provide some details about the fair and your products in advance, so that the interpreter is ready with the vocabulary related to the domain.

Currently, WE DO NOT provide interpreters for any Market Research activity.

Yes, we do provide Interpreters for Training & Factory Audits. For training, we suggest that you share the PPT with our Interpreter so that he/she is prepared well in advance. For Factory Audits, the interpreter needs to be updated with exact scope of work.

Yes, we do provide interpreters in major Chinese cities. Our Chinese interpreters would be well-versed with both, Chinese and English language.