Audio, visuals, and graphics are as essential as good content is for websites, applications, presentations and video games. A high-quality, effective video and voice over is a powerful tool to market any product/service online. Aim to reach out to your global audience with localized voiceovers. Voiceover localization is a beneficial component to consider when targeting native speakers of languages other than English.

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CMM Languages has over 8 years of experience in localization, translation, and interpretation. We have a team of professional native voiceover artists and translators, who promise their best of services in 60+ languages. We provide voiceover artists from around the world according to our client’s preferences with respect to the language, accent, pace of speech and tone.

72.1% consumers spend more of their time on website in their National language.

Youtube has over 70% non-English speaking audience.

Localization positions your brand as a global player.

  • Certified native translators
  • Professional voiceover artists
  • Strict confidentiality
  • ISO 9001:2008 TUV SUD Certified Quality Management System

CMM Languages provides voiceover and translations for the above mentioned 4 major categories. These categories include – Audiobooks, business presentations, e-learning modules, movie narration, game audios etc. Write to us to get a quick quote – request @ cmmlanguages (dot) com.

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