‘Legal Transcription’ is a commonly used term for professional translators and stenographers. Many of you are aware of the process of legal transcription but aren’t sure what it is called. Legal Transcription is a process of transcribing any type of legal hearing or proceeding from the spoken word into a written document. CMM Languages provides legal transcription services in Mumbai and other metro cities of India.

What type of content or documents are a part of legal transcription services?

The rapidly growing industry of legal transcription is not just limited to the transcription of depositions. Official court hearings, testimonies, interrogations, client letters and legal briefs are also included. The source material for legal transcription can range from audio tapes to video footages to digital recordings.

Process for legal transcription –

The process of legal transcription is climacteric in nature and requires a professional transcriber with a law background. It starts with the transciber reviewing the source audio/video material. Then he/she carefully listens to the source material and transcribes it into a written format. Every word, nuances of speech patterns, grammatical errors and slangs remain the same in the transcription as they were in the source file. However, in order to make a legal document or brief out of the source material, the transcriber needs to pay all the attention to correct legal words and phrases, grammar and professional documentation.

Further, the transcript is reviewed and proofread by another transcriber or a proofreader to double-check accuracy and quality of the legal transcription. The proofreader might alter the transcript to ensure the grammatical integrity and more accurate legal terms if needed. The legal transcripts are then delivered to the client in the desired format. it can be documents or multi-media. The legal transcription process is highly confidential and must be practiced by professionals with a strong command over languages as well as a sense of ethics.

CMM Languages has been providing legal transcription services in Mumbai since a decade. Transcription service from Hindi to English and other Indian languages to English is available as per the client’s demand.

We at CMM Languages offer legal transcription for the following source materials –

  1. Court hearings
  2. Court proceedings
  3. Client letters
  4. Client tapes
  5. Conference calls and proceedings
  6. Legal argument
  7. Audio evidences
  8. Examinations under oath
  9. Investigations
  10. Interrogations
  11. Interviews and lectures
  12. Fire reports
  13. Judgements and Jury instruction
  14. Legal pleadings, briefs and appeals
  15. Public hearings
  16. Telephone conferences
  17. Wire taps

Why choose CMM Languages for Legal transcription?

We have a strong network of professional transcribers and translators with a good amount of experience in legal transcription. We provide legal transcription from Hindi to English, Gujarati to English, Marathi to English and other Indian languages.

Write to us at request@cmmlanguages.com for any transcription services and get a quick quote today!