You can easily break the language barrier with our professional translators! No machines and no online dictionaries. We provide high quality human Swedish English translation in Mumbai, India.

Translating important documents, websites, online forms and marketing collaterals from Swedish to English ocan be quite a challenging process. Opting for a local dialect for translation or localization depends majorly on the target audience one wants to reach. Only a professional & a native translator understands the appropriate dialect to be used for translation and the cultural language and its meaning. Do you have Swedish investors, partners, employees or planning to expand your market in Sweden? Then you need experienced Swedish to English translators for eliminating the language barriers completely. CMM Languages provides Swedish English translation in Mumbai for a decade and have top ranking brands as our clients.

Why use human translation over machine translation especially for English to Swedish?

  1. There are over 100 dialects of Swedish throughout Sweden and Finland. So choosing the right dialect for a specific audience is only humanly possible.
  2. Swedish has a much smaller vocabulary than English. Hence the selection of the right words can be crucial and must be done by a professional translator.
  3. Swedish grammar and English grammar are quite similar to each other. However with a few exceptions. A native translator will be the best person to translate English to Swedish, since he/she knows the exceptions and the contrasts well.
  4. The nuances of Swedish language or English can be understood well by only human translators. Machines fail to identify the nuances.

We have a strong network of native and experienced Swedish translators across the world. We provide translation and localization services in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai. Our Swedish English translations are accepted by all major institutions, embassies, and consulates. To get a quick quote, you can write to us at