We live in an era which is global in all the possible ways. Technology, entertainment, communication and business function on a global level. Almost everything has gone global for better business opportunities. Whether you’re a business looking to expand your customer base, or an individual seeking new career opportunities, knowing one language isn’t enough! Below are 5 important languages you must learn for business besides English –

1. Spanish

In the worldwide statistics, Spanish ranks in as the third most spoken language. Spanish is the native language of about 388 million individuals in 21 countries, including in Mexico, USA, Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela and Peru. It is extensively used also in locations where this language is unofficial but very popular.

2. Mandarin

Mandarin Chinese is one of the 6 UN languages along with English, Arabic, French, Russian and Spanish. By learning Chinese you unlock the potential to speak to over 13% of the world’s total population. Yes, 13% of the world population!

3. Portuguese

Portuguese may not be as popular as other languages mentioned on the list. However, it is the official language of Brazil, which is the 7th largest economy in the world. Portuguese has over 200 million speakers worldwide.

4. Russian

Russia is a place of a potential customer base for businesses and offers great career opportunities. Russians, in general, do not speak English; they prefer speaking only Russian. If you’re looking to do business with someone from Russia, learning Russian is the best option to deal with them.

4. Arabic

The Arab world has the wealthiest countries in the world. Career and business opportunities are waiting in these countries for you if you aim to expand your business. There are a very few Arabic speakers in the world so the demand for them is too high. Learn Arabic and don’t miss out on opportunities in such booming countries.

The power of knowing & benefits of learning multiple languages is beyond one’s thought. It holds uncountable chances of growth not just for the career and business but also as a human. The above languages you must learn for business, not all but alteast one or two of them.